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The Scoot, Scoot BandicootŪ book series for children

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Kanyana Wildlife
Committed to the protection and welfare of native wildlife.

Chidlow Marsupial Hospital
Treats and cares for sick, injured and orphaned marsupials.

Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers' Centre
Encourages writing related activities in the Perth hills.

Marsupial Society of Australia
Dedicated to providing information and education regarding keeping and breeding Australian marsupials.

Fourth Crossing Wildlife
Excellent website designed to share native animal experiences from across Australia as well as knowledge relating to Australian native animals.

Pilbara Wildlife Carers Assoc.
Informative site on first aid and caring for injured wildlife in Australia.

Hazel Edwards
Hazel Edwards a Melbourne, Australia, based author who writes books and scripts for children and adults.

Katie Stewart
Katie Stewart, children's book illustrator. Katie illustrated the children's books: The Big Red Bucket and Pounce's Special Friend.

Nadine Laman
Author, Nadine Laman, writes fiction -- featuring social justice issues.

Charlotte Barnes
Poet, Charlotte Barnes, has several books, including The Mansfield Lighthouse Cats.

L. Diane Wolfe
Author, Diane Wolfe, writes for young adults. Positive and uplifting, The Circle of Friends series will leave readers determined to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals.

Chris High
Chris High is an Author, Freelance Journalist, Author Promotor and book reviewer.

Fantasy Stories and Famous Dragons
Beyond This Point There Be Dragons is a Dragon Fantasy book which includes Pictures, Stories and Famous Dragon Tales.

Character Education-Virtue Toys
Resource of character education, character lessons, and character development for kids by using fun, innovative, toys, games and ideas.

Wacky Web Tales
Resource for kids to create their own wacky tales.

Australian Society of Authors
A professional association for Australia's literary creators. They provide support to their members in all areas writing, including pay scales, copyright, promotion and taxation.

Children's Book Council of Australia
Australian children's book organisation that administers the CBCA's Children's Book of the Year award.

How To Tell a Great Story - Helps to promote and improve your storytelling career. Brings free storyteller-related articles, stories, resources, tips and more.

The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story
Children's story and activity book on bullying for children grades K-3. Illustrations can be used as a colouring book as bullying is discussed. Question and answer section for both children and parent/caregivers that offer practical advice on how to deal with bully situations in a positive manner.

Peanut Butter Press
Canadian small press with a delightful book on choosing a pet wisely - "Penny Picks the Perfect Pet".

Read An E-Book Week
Learn about e-books, including children's books available in electronic format.

Bearly Together Co.
Australian Author Allen Lyne's book editing service and publishing company.

Sites For Teachers
Top education web sites

Tazmania Zoo

Tamar Island Wetlands

Bonorong Widlife Sanctury

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We know you will enjoy the Scoot, Scoot Bandicoot book series. Please vist the bandicoot diary pages for entertaining stories of our favourite bandicoot hijinks

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Our children's books feature the lovable marsupial the bandicoot, also known as the isoodon obesulus.

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Read reviews of our Scoot, Scoot BandicootŪ book series for children.

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The Scoot, Scoot Bandicoot book series is available as individual books or as a set.

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